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Mascot: Black Bear

Colors: Red and Black

School Yearbook: The Pisgahteer



Alma Mater

High among Carolina’s mountains, ‘neath a sky of blue,

Nobly stands ole Pisgah High School, loyal, strong and true.

Alma Mater, hail to thee! Now thy name we bless.

Hail to thee, ole Pisgah High School,

Hail to PHS!



Fight Song

It’s a grand ole school, 

And we’ll always be true,

With the Bears in the front of the pack.

We’re from Pisgah High,

see our colors fly,

Waving the Red and the Black.

So we stand and fight,

with all of our might,

Beating Mounties and the rest of the like.

We fight for Pisgah day and night,

Wave a flag for ole Pisgah High!